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Loaded Pellet Packer

Instructions for Use

Carefully measure powder and shot charges and place in the two end compartments. The Pellet Packer will hold up to two ounces (equivalent lead volume) of shot and powder. Do not exceed the maximum recommended loads for your gun. Place a plastic shot cup, overpowder wad (if required) and overshot wad in the center compartment. The lid of the center compartment has two clips in the corners to hold percussion caps. If loading a double barrel, prime both barrels from the second container only after loading the second barrel. Never load over a primed barrel. Always follow the recommendations of your gun maker for safe loads and loading practices.


Notes for using the Pellet Packer with

MultiMetal 3 1/2" wads

When using shot charges greater than 2 oz., place the shot in the center compartment of the Pellet Packer. The overshot wad can be placed in the end compartment. If you use 209 shotgun primers for ignition, the end compartment is also a handy place to store the primer. As the shot wads are longer than the center compartment they will need to be carried separately. When transferring the shot from the Pellet Packer to the barrel, cup your hand around the muzzle of the gun to funnel the shot down the barrel. 

Sources for Loading Components

Many of the components for loading your gun can be purchased from Ballistic Products, Inc. See their web site for a complete line of shot and wads. They carry the “old fashioned” card wads used in traditional shotgunning as wells as most of the modern plastic wads used for steel, lead, and other non-toxic shots. The wad shown in the image on this page is their “Turkey Ranger” wad that allows for a maximum shot load of about 2 oz. The shot shown in the same image is nickel-plated #5 shot from Ballistic Products. This shot requires a plastic shot cup but is an excellent choice for turkey hunting. The powder used in this loading is Hodgdon Pyrodex RS.


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Last modified: 01/29/08